Electronic (E) Commerce is a way when people is doing business over
large electronic networks such as internet.

This E-Commerce greatly facilitates transaction

  1. Companies and consumers
  2. Companies and companies
  3. Between individual customers


Matrix Global Ventures (MGV) offers the following services to its customers :

  • Mobile commerce
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automated Data Collection Systems
  • Inventory management System
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online Transaction Processing
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Authorization Code Encryption

E-Commerce security system


Authorization Code Encryption also known as A.C.E is an E-Commerce security

system that provides encrypted code for online transaction authorization. The

main feature of this application is, it enables to work without any network

connection and line reception in order to generate the encrypted code.

The application is also available in PC and smartphone platform.

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The Application

The purpose of this application is to authenticate whether the transaction

is made by the authorized user or otherwise. The authentication process

involves code encryption between the application and processing module


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Web Request

In order to use the application, users first need to retrieve a request code

from a webpage. The image shown is the most common webpage (online

shopping checkout page) where users can retrieve their request code. In this page,

users need to select their preferred bank.

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Web Log In

Then users need to enter their username and password for A.C.E account.

In order to own an A.C.E account, users need to register their credential

with the bank that adopts A.C.E system

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Encrypted Code Request

After the login succeeded, users may enter the request code that is displayed

on the webpage into the application.

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Entering Request Code

Once users have entered the request code and pressed 'Generate Code ' ,

a generated code will appear and users need to enter the

generated code on the webpage.

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Entering Generated Code

Once users have entered the generate code and clicked 'Proceed ' ,

then, the processing module will authenticate the generated code whether

the code were generated for authorized user from authorized device

or otherwise

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Transaction Completed

If the authentication successful, the transaction can be proceeded,

otherwise, there will be no transaction can be made. The code can be generated

without any network connection or line reception compared with Transaction

Authorization Code (TAC), it needs line reception in order for users to receive

the TAC code. If the line reception is weak, then it will take a longer time to

receive the TAC code

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