Multimedia Technology

Matrix Global Ventures (MGV) offers the following services to its customers :

  • Simulation Development

  • Educational Software (Courseware)

  • Audio & Video Editing

  • Photo Editing
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Software Development

Matrix Global Ventures (MGV) offers the following services to its customers :

  • Database Development

  • Web Development

  • Enterprise & Corporate Software

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Educational Web Application


Educational Web Application is a type of application that is accessible

via web browser which the main purpose of the application is to educate students or

users. Educational web application is also available for various types of student,

from primary school to tertiary education. Other than students, educational

web application is also can be used for corporate training.

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Educational Web Application

Educational web application is also suitable for various fields of study

and can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is a network

connection. The image shown is an example of educational web

application which teaches the users to analyze source code of a

web page.

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Educational Web Application

This web application that is developed by MGV is a practical approach

based on a creative and innovative teaching method in which users need to

follow the steps as instructed in order to obtain the knowledge. The objective

of this web application is the users need to penetrate the log in page without any

credential given. Users are only allowed to use the developer tools in order

obtain the information required in order to get through the log in page.

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Educational Web Application

There are two (2) options for users, which they can do it all by themselves

(experienced users) or they can use the tutorial page provided in order to

go through the process, step by step. In this process,users will learn how

to analyze three (3) types of web programming language which are HTML, CSS

and PHP.

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Crack the Code

The image shown is one of the developer tool (Inspect Element)

sections. This kind of view might seem peculiar to an inexperienced

users but it is possible to learn. Users will fully use this

tool to obtain the credential required. This method is popularly used

by hackers in the early year 2000. However, security measures were

massively taken by the authority in order to avoid the system

being penetrated by any unauthorized individual. The profession that is

responsible to identify the weakness of the security system is called

pen tester (Penetration Tester).

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Disclaimer :

Matrix Global Ventures will not be held responsible for any damage that
is made by users during and after the lesson periods.

The web application only can be accessed with desktop browser only